Q. C. Marine Surveyors
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Q. C. Marine Surveyors

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  • Q.C. Marine Surveyors inspect and report on vessels using, among others, the following reference standards: Transport Canada TP 1332 E - Construction Standards for Small Vessels - TP1332 frequently refers to and is continually in the process of being harmonized with ABYC Standards, ABYC - The American Boat and Yacht Council, , TP 511E - The Safe Boating Guide (Equipment lists), NFPA - The National Fire Protection Agency, CSA - Canadian Standards Association

  • Licensing: If your boat is mostly operated or kept in Canada and is powered by one or more motors adding up to 7.5 kW (10 hp) or more, it must be licensed, unless it is registered. You will also need to license dinghies or tenders you carry aboard or tow behind a larger boat if they too are powered by one or more motors adding up to 7.5 kW (10 hp) or more. powered by one or more motors adding up to 7.5 kW (10 hp) or more. Registration: Although you are no longer required to register pleasure craft over 15 gross tons, you can still choose to do so. Although there are costs involved, registration gives you some important benefits, which include: - Proof of Ownership (legal title) for your boat - The right to fly the Canadian flag - A unique name and official number for your boat - The right to use your boat as security for a marine mortgage - Note that Proof of Ownership can be very important at international borders, it is a good idea to register any boat you plan to operate outside of Canada. Note that You must keep a copy of the License or Registration Documents on board the Vessel at all times.

  • As marine surveyors we are often asked if we are licensed and/or accredited. To be clear, unlike many trades, to be active in the field of Marine Surveying there are no requirements in Canada or the U.S.A. for an individual to be licensed or accredited. Neither the U.S.C.G. nor Transport Canada approve or certify marine surveyors. All association terms and initials that some Surveyors carry represent accreditation and/or certification by Private Membership Organizations to whom the Surveyor must pay to belong to and pay to be accredited by. We have listed a number of private membership certification/accreditation organizations in Canada and the United States here for your reference. Each of these has their own membership fee structure, code of ethics, membership qualifications and education requirements. Q. C. Marine Surveyors adhere to the Codes of Ethics of all of these private entities but do not pass the cost of membership in these organisations on to our customers. The essence of acceptance for all surveys is your Insurance Company and all Q. C. Marine Surveys are accepted by these Insurance Companies.