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Prepare the Boat for a Marine Survey

  1. The owner or broker should be at the boat, on time, prepared to start the boat, run the engine, and drive the boat. The marine surveyor does not drive the boat.

  2. All keys to the engine, the cabin, the engine room, and all cabinets and storage lockers need to be available to the Surveyor.

  3. Clean the boat as thoroughly as possible, and remove as many personal items as possible to facilitate access to systems and lockers. Clutter can make your boat seem poorly cared for and thus devalue it.

  4. Notify marina or ship yard ahead of time, and have them standing by to haul the boat out of the water, if the boat isn't already out. Make sure the marina has the name and phone number of the surveyor and the seller.

  5. If the boat is docked or otherwise stored at a private residence, make sure the owner of the property is aware of the survey. Any locked fence gates need to be unlocked, and dogs or other animals should be kept out of the way.

  6. Have all ship's papers including registration, license documentation, manuals, and owner's guides on board and readily available to the Surveyor.

  7. Since the boat will be out of the water for the Survey, this is a great time to have schedule a bottom cleaning while on the hard.  Notify the Surveyor of your intent and arrange with your Marina to have this done after the Survey has been completed. The boat needs to be dry for the survey or the moisture meter will not work

  8. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and that shore power is available for testing electrical systems.

  9. Have phone numbers available for those who are scheduled to be present for the survey. If there are any delays or schedule changes, you'll need to be able to notify the appropriate individuals.

  10. Unscrew the Floor Boards so they may be lifted for inspection of the Bilges, Grid System and Keel Fastenings.

  11. Clean the Bilge Areas.

  12. Limit the number of people who will be present during the survey.

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